Erie Lake Pictures creative multimedia services

Cleveland, OH

Erie Lake Pictures (ELP) is a creative multimedia company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Beyond creative film, ELP offers a wide range of contract marketing services including video production, logo/graphic design, layout for marketing collateral & advertisements, copywriting, email campaign assistance, web design, social media support & more! As a privately owned business, ELP strives for continued growth as an independent film company and exceed your expectations as a flexible & reliable source for your business marketing needs.

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Featured Film: Prey For Me

Helen Haynes is a court clerk infatuated with a serial killer named Robert Wilkins Jebidon. Helen's obsession with this homicidal monster drives this twisted short film thriller. Starring Jocelyn Wrzosek (Hero Tomorrow / Returning Princess Mara), John Galbraith (Returning Princess Mara), Alexander Verdova (Returning Princess Mara), Jay O'Laughlin, Mitchel Lathrop, Lisa Galbraith, Daniel Brooks (Returning Princess Mara), Jami Galbraith and Allison Perrett. Written by John Galbraith, Alexander Verdova and Paul Zakrzewski. Directed by Alexander Verdova and John Galbraith.