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>> Gone Batsy - (Comedy) A troubled husband has a sit down with his wife and is completely convinced that she is Batman. Is she really the Dark Knight, or is he simply out of his mind? This short stars John Galbraith (Prey For Me / Returning Princess Mara), Jocelyn Wrzosek (Prey For Me / Returning Princess Mara / Hero Tomorrow) and Daniel Brooks (Returning Princess Mara). Music by Kevin MacLeod. Directed by Alexander Verdova.(Watch the film)

<< Web Presence - (Horror/suspense) "Web Presence" is a short horror / suspense film about a young girl being lured into a face-to-face meeting with a supposed web-crush who calls himself "mrfriendly". The film portrays the definitive nightmare of a misleading private Internet chat room encounter. This short was created by and features Alexander Verdova. (Watch the film)

>> Prey For Me - (Fantasy/suspense) Helen Haynes is a court clerk who is infatuated with the mysterious tracks of a serial killer named Robert Wilkins Jebidon. Haynes' obsession drives her through this twisted fantasy about a woman's desire to be noticed by a homicidal monster. Starring Jocelyn Wrzosek (Hero Tomorrow / Returning Princess Mara), John Galbraith (Returning Princess Mara), Alexander Verdova (Returning Princess Mara), Jay O'Laughlin, Mitchel Lathrop, Lisa Galbraith, Daniel Brooks (Returning Princess Mara), Jami Galbraith and Allison Perrett. Written by John Galbraith, Alexander Verdova and Paul Zakrzewski. Directed by Alexander Verdova and John Galbraith. (Watch the film) | (News: "Prey For Me" a Cleveland 48 Hour Film)

<< Returning Princess Mara - (Fantasy/comedy) A short film about four dungeons and dragons type gamers/role players who get lost in their gaming fantasies while being constantly interrupted with real-world distractions. Starring John Galbraith, Jocelyn Wrzosek (Hero Tomorrow), Ben Stewart, Matt Craven, Stephanie Ford, Susie McGarry, Charley Walters, Andy Wride, Jessica Fleming, Evette France, Reagan Kendrick, Marni Licursi, Janelle K. Tate, Daniel Brooks and Alexander Verdova . Written by Brian Scott Dennis. Directed by Alexander Verdova. (Watch the film) | (News: "Returning Princess Mara" a 48 Hour Film)

>> Escape to Nowhere - (Drama) An ex-soldier is tortured by the horrific memories of his past, both as a child and during his service in Vietnam. Starring Kevin Dorman, Andrew Tartara, Sean Tominey, Parker Fulton, Emily Dorsch, Michael O'Connor, Kate Hoover and Anne Clark. Written and directed by Alexander Verdova. (Watch the film) | (The Making of Escape to Nowhere)

<< Heteroflexible - (Comedy) A group of college kids delve into the mysteries of sexual orientation within a college library in this quirky comedy starring Jason Yachanin, Lyndsey Lantz, Chris Dickman, Nicholas J. Peterka, Jack Goodall, Elizabeth M. Snider, Jack B. Winget, Jennifer Tobias, Claudia Lief and Alexander Verdova. Directed by Bernard F. Bunye. Director of Photography Alexander Verdova. Written by Nicholas J. Peterka and Bernard F. Bunye. Edited by Alexander Verdova.(Watch the film)

>> Frayed - (Drama) Three storylines combine in this picture about a grandfather, father, and son whose broken relationships and failed ambitions plague their lives. Starring Chris Dickman, Jodi Dominick, Jack Goodall, Regina Rockensies, Elizabeth M. Snider, and Jack B. Winget. Directed by Bernard F. Bunye. Director of Photography Alexander Verdova. Written by Nicholas J. Peterka and Bernard F. Bunye. (Watch the film)

<< Hard Pack - (Documentary/Comedy) This student film documents two friends making a cross campus journey to purchase a pack of cigarettes. Starring Brian Reindel and Brian Scott Dennis. Directed by Alexander Verdova. (Watch the film)