Escape to Nowhere (Drama/Tragedy)

(Directed by Alexander Verdova)

"Escape to Nowhere" (Plot): An ex-soldier is tortured by the horrific memories of his past, both as a child and during his service in Vietnam.
Genre: Drama
Tagline: One man's repent, for a lifetime of inaction.
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Executive Producer: Alexander Verdova
Director / Cinematographer / Editor: Alexander Verdova
Written By: Alexander Verdova
Location Scout & Production Assistant: Kate Hoover
Make-up: Kate Hoover, Anne Clark & Emily Dorsch
Costumes: Alexander Verdova
Location(s): Maumee Valley, OH, Bowling Green, OH
Format: 16mm, black & white

Lead: Kevin Dorman
Friend: Andrew Tartara
Fellow Soldier: Sean Tominey
Young Lead: Parker Fulton
Lead's Father: Andrew Tartara
Other Soldier: Michael O'Connor
Vietnamese Soldier: Emily Dorsch
Vietnamese Soldier: Anne Clark
Vietnamese Soldier: Michael O'Connor