The Making of Escape to Nowhere (Drama/Tragedy)

(Directed by Alexander Verdova)

Escape to Nowhere - Escape to Nowhere was filmed during the fall of 1999 with the use of a 16mm, Bolex H-16 camera and a small cast and crew of ambitious young artists from Bowling Green State University.

The story takes place around the year 1969 and involves a young man, Lead, who has recently returned from the war in Vietnam. He desperately struggles with his sanity due to his disturbing memories; watching his father die as a child and his experiences deep in the jungles of Vietnam. Actor Kevin Dorman’s convincing performance as the emotionally devastated Lead, whose fear and inaction directly result the death of his father and his friends, drives the film’s turbulent overtone. The guilt lingering from his experiences ultimately dilute Lead’s spirit and drive him to the brink of suicide following his return home from the war.

Lead’s fellow soldiers, Andrew Tartara, Sean Tominey, and Michael O'Connor, all played significant roles as the few remaining soldiers of a doomed American platoon. The weary soldiers battle valiantly while attempting to cope with the surrounding chaos perpetuated by the advancing Vietcong (Actresses Emily Dorsch, Anne Clarke and Kate Hoover).

The American soldiers are eventually let down by one of their own.

The first day of shooting began on November 11th, 1999 - Veterans' Day. Spanning from 10am to 3am the next morning, the courageous cast and crew prevailed over frigid temperatures on location in Maumee Valley near Bowling Green, OH.

The film's second day of shooting took place on November 18th and 19th. The scenes shot during these two days recreated the dreadful moment from Lead’s childhood, when he watched his father die while hopelessly frozen in terror. The young Lead was played by actor Parker Fulton who was 10 years old at the time.

Escape to Nowhere was produced, written, directed and edited by Alexander Verdova. (Watch the Film) | (Back to Home)