News: "Prey For Me" a Cleveland 48 Hour Film

(Directed by Alexander Verdova & John Galbraith | Cinematographer(s) Alexander Verdova & Paul Zakrzewski)

(Cleveland, OH) - Erie Lake Pictures production of "Prey For Me" submitted for Cleveland's 2009 48 Hour Film Project was directed by Alexander Verdova and John Galbraith and featured Jocelyn Wrzosek (Hero Tomorrow / Returning Princess Mara) as Helen Haynes, a court clerk obsessed with the mysterious tracks of a serial killer named Robert Wilkins Jebidon; played by John Galbraith (Returning Princess Mara). Haynes' infatuation drives her through a twisted fantasy about a woman's desire to be noticed by a homicidal monster.

The film premiered on August 6th, 2009 at the Cedar Lee Theatre in Cleveland.

"This film was a great opportunity to showcase two wonderful actors (Wrzosek and Galbraith) in a fantasy plot filled with tension. I feel we raised the bar from our first 48 Hour Film. Our production team was extremely efficient on set, given the 48 Hour crunch time", said Executive Producer / Director Alexander Verdova. "We also had an opportunity to bring in some talented new team members, like Lighting Technician and Editor Mitchel Lathrop, to help streamline our process. I feel we were all very proud of the outcome".

"Prey For Me" is the second 48 Hour Film Project submitted by Erie Lake Pictures and their second fantasy film produced for the contest. "We all had a good laugh when we pulled fantasy again for the second year, but felt there was so much possibility for the genre that we decided to stay pat", said Aislinn Story, production manager for Erie Lake Pictures. The previous year Erie Lake Pictures took the fantasy genre into a mystical world that included a lost princess, a fire breathing wizard, brave knights, dark elves and deceptive sirens in "Returning Princess Mara". In 2009 the fantasy would have a much darker tone.

Once again Cleveland's 48 Hour Film Festival was represented by an amazing community of filmmakers who each produced a wonderful variety of films. Remarkably only 4 films missed the 48 hour deadline out of 43 teams.

Cleveland's 48 Hour Film Project Producer Brian Bowers, now in his second year producing the festival, has played an integral part of the contest's growth. Under Bowers' guidance the festival has doubled each year since 2007; from 12, to 24, to 43 teams. "Brian deserves a lot of credit for pulling all of this together", said Verdova, "From keeping production teams notified about news and events surrounding the annual project, to organizing the kick-off events and theatre screenings; Brian was surely spending as many sleepless hours as the actual 48 Hour filmmakers. Erie Lake Pictures would like to extend a special thanks to Brian Bowers and the 48 Hour Film Project for the amazing opportunity".

For the 48 Hour Film Project each filmmaker was given a genre (buddy film, western, thriller, fantasy, etc) and 48 hours to write, shoot and submit a short film. "Prey For Me" had to include its genre (fantasy), a specific line of dialogue ("It's just really, really crazy."), a prop (blender) and a character (Hal or Hellen Haynes, a court clerk).

Erie Lake Pictures production "Prey For Me", written by John Galbraith, Alexander Verdova and Paul Zakrzewski, is a short film about a woman's dream to be noticed by a mysterious Cleveland serial killer.

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