Returning Princess Mara (Fantasy/Comedy)

(Directed by Alexander Verdova)

"Returning Princess Mara" (Plot): A short film about four dungeons and dragons type gamers/role players who get lost in their gaming fantasies while being constantly interrupted with real-world distractions.
Genre: Fantasy/Comedy
Tagline: A game becomes more reality than fantasy.
Award(s): Best Costume Design (2008 Cleveland 48 Hour Film Festival)
Other Resources: News: "Returning Princess Mara" a 48 Hour Film

Princess Mara: Jocelyn Wrzosek
Gamer One/Mentar: John Galbraith
Gamer Two/Darlock: Matt Craven
Gamer Three/Nassen: Benjamin Stewart
Head Dark Elf: Stephanie Ford
Mom/Head Siren: Susie McGarry
Darthomir: Charley Walters
King: Andy Wride
Dark Elf One: Evette France
Dark Elf Two: Reagan Kendrick
Dark Elf Three: Jessica Fleming
Siren One: Janelle K. Tate
Siren Two: Marni Licursi
Don Denver: Alexander Verdova
Knight: Daniel Brooks

Executive Producer: Alexander Verdova
Associate Producer: Alex & Loxene Verdova, Michael Sanducci
Directed by Alexander Verdova
Assistant Director: John Galbraith
Cinematographer(s): Alexander Verdova & Paul Zakrzewski
Production Manager: Aislinn Story
Written By: Brian Scott Dennis
Edited by: Alexander Verdova
Special Effects: Thomas Parks
Costumes: Mary Sanducci, Brooke Springer, Brian Kerber & Andy Wride
Make-up & Hair: Brooke Springer, Wendi Taubler, Mary Sanducci & Nicole Surdyk
Music By: Matthew Story, Benjamin Stewart &
Photography & Props: Brian Kerber
Props: Allison Perrett & Brooke Springer
Prop Artist: Michael Brack
Grip(s): Jason O'Laughlin, Charley Walters & Andy Wride
Boom: Jason Robert Walker
Location(s): West Cleveland, OH, Lakewood, OH
Format: DV, color